Bereavement Support

“Our services are available in Castlebar, Westport, Claremorris, Tuam and Headford”

The Family Centre offers a free and confidential bereavement support service through a network of trained and skilled bereavement support workers across the region. The service is available in Castlebar, Westport, Claremorris, Tuam and Headford. While most people learn to cope with the death of somebody close to them with the support of family and friends it can sometimes be helpful to talk about your loss to somebody who is not connected to you in any way.

All you have to do to arrange an appointment is to contact the Family Centre at 094 90 25900 or email  Bereavement support workers have been carefully selected and trained through the Family Centre for the duration of one year before they start work with us. They also have access to professional support and further education through our Centre.

Tel: 094 90 25900


The waiting time to access the service is usually fairly short and appointments can sometimes be arranged during the day or at evening times. The appointments usually last for an hour and for some people just one visit is all that they may need whereas others might continue to meet regularly over a period of time. If the bereavement support worker feels that it may be more helpful for a particular person to meet with a counsellor or some other service they will discuss this with the person attending. Bereavement can of course bring up other losses in a person’s life as well as the death of a loved one.

Even if you don’t wish to attend our Bereavement Support Services the contents of our Bereavement Support Brochure can be very useful so please just click on this link to access this.

Anam Cara

Anam Cara Parent Bereavement is an organisation that understands we don’t live in an ideal world, we live in a world after our precious children have died before their time. Bereaved parents have set up this organisation to help themselves and all bereaved parents cope with their grief and loss and journey on.

Anam Cara has a series of videos on Youtube that explore this topic, to view them click here.


"The Family Centre restored my dignity, acknowledging me as the person I am. A safe place, a home, a family, like ten ears listening to one person.

The hallmark of the Family Centre is 'absolute integrity'."

The Family Centre is a non-profit organisation
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